Accepting Trainee Accountant Applications for 2020

Trainee Accountant position availability from Tuffias Sandberg

Tuffias Sandberg prides itself on being an organisation focused on learning and development and offers one of the best training programmes for trainee accountant graduate students who want to take their learning to the next level.

We are a SAICA (South African Institute of Chartered Accountants) accredited training office, as well as being part of (IRBA) Independent Regulatory Board for Auditors. Further to this, Tuffias Sandberg is an independent member of Morison KSi, an expert accounting, auditing, and taxation firm.

Being part of a global membership of independent firms providing us with a worldwide support group which allows for further development and global exposure for our interns.

The Tuffias Sandberg partners and staff are personable, focused and professional, and when looking for audit interns to join our graduate recruitment programme, we look for these qualities in individuals.

As learning and development if pivotal to our organisations success, we pride ourselves on ensuring our trainees receive appropriate technical and soft skills training, and our audit graduate trainees are guaranteed of receiving extensive exposure to our customers, allowing them to gain much-needed hands-on experience, all this results in us offering one of the best CA training programmes available.

Our Vision is to be the partner of choice by always achieving quality standards and efficiencies in business, to this end when looking for interns for our audit graduate recruitment programme, and we seek students that are presently working on their PGDA / CTA / CTA Level 2 or equivalent postgraduate degree studies.

There are several SAICA articles vacancies in the industry and many firms offering SAICA trainee jobs this is as a result of most reputable auditing firms being SAICA accredited training offices. Even though many organisations belonging to SAICA, your learning experience is not a one size fits all.

Many audit trainees are looking at the bigger organisations when making their choice of joining a firm for the ca training programme. With Tuffias Sandberg you are not merely a number, we take great care in selecting our auditing interns.

When you join Tuffias Sandberg on your SAICA internship, you are joining a group of professionals who live by the promise of “Real People” with “Real Solutions”. What this means is that as “Real people”, our Partners work hand in hand in driving business objectives and are accessible and approachable to all and by “Real Solutions” it means we deliver quality advice with the best quality output and provide best in class service.

As a trainee accountant with Tuffias Sandberg, you will get opportunities to get exposure in the workplace and have the opportunity of filling the role of an accountant in charge within three years of joining our ca training programme.

Our client base includes companies, close corporation, trusts, partnerships, and individuals, encompasses businesses in such diverse fields such as manufacturing, wholesale, retail, imports and exports, professional, construction, financial services, mining, engineering and more.

Our Vision is to be the partner of choice by always achieving quality standards and efficiencies in business, through our innovative methodologies and comprehensive SAICA accredited staff training programmes. Valuing the importance of reputation and integrity above all else.

We achieve our vision by focusing on the mission statements:

  • Real people – Our partners work hand in hand in driving business objectives and are accessible and approachable to all clients, staff and service providers.
  • Real Solutions – Quality advice, best quality output, best in class service and best internship programmes.

What sets us apart from other firms offering internships programs for accounting students, is that the Partners at Tuffias Sandberg value relationships with clients, staff and service providers and guarantee that our clients will receive the best solutions on time, every time.

When joining the Tuffias Sandberg team you will be measured and living by the values of:

  • Reliability
  • Respect
  • Quality
  • Honesty
  • Development

If you have been sifting through a host of options for trainee accountant positions, stop looking and apply with Tuffias Sandberg.  When you join our ca training programme you will be guaranteed to be taking the next big step to towards your career success and a bright future in this industry.


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