Auditing Services from a Leading Audit Firm

When selecting an audit firm with an untarnished reputation look no further than Tuffias Sandberg. With our extensive experience in the private sector, we are the partner of choice.

When working with our clients, we pride ourselves on getting an in-depth understanding of their business operations to ensure we can conduct the audit procedures effectively, and in turn deliver insightful advice and a quality audit report which complies with all applicable rules, laws and regulations.

In terms of the Companies Act, all public sector and state-owned companies need a financial audit to be carried out annually, as well as certain companies that meet the requirements test as per the Regulations of the Companies Act.

Other companies who may not meet the requirements test, may elect to have an audit performed. The auditing procedures and audit process we follow will determine if your financial statements are in accordance with applicable accounting standards, laws and regulations.  We comply with the auditing standards when performing financial audits.

External Audit Services

We are the partner of choice for organisations and businesses looking to conduct an external audit. We focus on planning our audits effectively to ensure we minimise any additional pressure placed on you in the external audit process.

Our vast amount of expertise and experience as external auditors in the private sector means we efficiently follow audit procedures, which are in line with auditing and accounting standards when performing your statutory or voluntary audit.

We understand the purpose of an external audit should be about more than just working with a firm who performs an audit that meets the auditing standards but should also be about adding value to clients by offering expert advice on the sustainability and future success of your business.

As with all registered auditing companies, we are members of the Independent Regulatory Board for Auditors (IRBA), and The South African Institute of Chartered Accountants  (SAICA). We ensure we meet the requirements of the Auditing Profession Act, 2005, as well as ensure we adhere to the Independent Regulatory Board for Auditors Code of Professional Conduct. Furthermore, we utilise the best practice in applying the International Standard on Quality Control 1.

Forensic Audit  Service

Tuffias Sandberg partners with an expert external partner for any forensic audit requirements. Unfortunately, our industry does come across organisations or individuals who are involved in fraud and embezzlement. As a result, we partner with top forensic accounting firms who provide excellent forensic audit reports based on their extensive forensic and investigative accounting skills.

When looking for an audit firm that provides specialist auditing and assurance services look no further than Tuffias Sandberg.  We are the external audit services partner of choice.

Contact us today and let one of our partners personally come through and discuss your needs and define how Tuffias Sandberg can make a difference in your business and auditing process.


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