Estate Planning

At Tuffias Sandberg, we offer services on:

  • Estate planning
  • Drawing up of Last Will and Testaments
  • Living Wills
  • Administration of Estates
  • Creation of Trusts

The Last Will and Testament is a document which stipulates your wishes, and takes into account your concerns relating to your loved ones, in the event of your demise.

Here are some of the most relevant points that should be considered when preparing your Last Will and Testament.

  • Estate planning
  • Guardianship of minor children
  • Establishment of trusts for the benefit of minor children
  • Appointment of Executors

Letter of Instruction

Below is a link to a document referencing vital information, some of which may be sensitive and can be stored on your personal computer with a security code/password which would allow your dependents to access when the time comes.

This information document records all the relevant, essential information in one place.

  • The document will prove invaluable in assisting those who are left behind to deal with the winding-up process which has to take place.
  • Your family will be required to collect and collate certain vital information to enable your Executor to begin the winding up of your estate, information such as your SARS reference number, your bank account numbers, insurance policy numbers, medical aid membership numbers, and such.
  • You will also need to ensure that you have made provision for your family to access sufficient living expenses until your estate is finalised.
  • Although not a substitute for your formal Last Will and Testament (which is a recordal of your ultimate wishes) the information document compliments your Will by providing all the details that your Executor will need, and we encourage you to place a copy of this information form together with your original signed Will in safe custody, thus ensuring that your preparations provide comfort and security for your family at the time when they most need it.
Download the letter

Let us assist you in either updating or preparing your estate documents, ensuring that your family will be well looked after in the future.

Our industry specialist, Raymond Hack, provides a complete solution to the administration of deceased estates as outlined above with matters relating to the Master of the Supreme Court.

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